Wellness rituals and beauty treatments for a total spa experience

Directly connected to the Thermal Bath area, our brand new SPA is your oasis of pure thermal relaxation. You have direct access to our SPA from your room and can therefore enter in your bathrobe and slippers. Just a few minutes to forget your daily routine and breathe in wellbeing.

The SPA is at your disposal everyday, from 8 am to 11 pm. It is equipped with a Finnish sauna, Turkish bath with thermal steam, Thalasso steam bath with salt water, ice waterfall, experience showers and a relaxation area with soft lighting and chaise longues, where you can lie down and prolong your wellness sensations.

Next to the thermal water and relaxation area is the wellness & beauty zone: rooms equipped with all the comforts and the latest beds, futons for ground treatments, hammam and Jacuzzi. Spa professionals, therapists and beauticians will offer you a wide range of treatments for your body’s wellbeing and beauty.

Our specialists at your disposal

Our dermatologist, Dr. Abasciano, is available to recommend the most suitable treatments and programs, both beauty and medical, for your skin. Dr. Lazzaro is our nutrition specialist and dietician. You can rely on him to plan a diet aimed at solving health problems or weight loss. For more information please inquire at the SPA reception.

SPA-en montegrotto terme
SPA-en montegrotto terme
SPA-en montegrotto terme
SPA-en montegrotto terme



Immerse yourself in the pure well-being of our thermal water

The three swimming pools in the Roma Terme Hotel are enriched with one of the valuable gifts from the Euganean area: the bromidic iodic salt thermal water, known for its therapeutic and myorelaxing properties. The water temperature is nearly constant throughout the year, being always between 33° and 35° C (91° – 95 °F).

On the ground floor the indoor pool “Romulus and Remus”, equipped with Kneipp treatment and hydromassage area, is connected to the outdoor “Juno” swimming pool by a channel that allows you to swim out in the open air in relaxation even during the cold season.

The swimming pools are linked to a wide solarium, where you can enjoy the sun and total peacefulness.

The third thermal swimming pool is on the roof of the Hotel which offers the guests a stunning view on the Euganean Hills. Therefore, in the summer, you can bet on a great tan!

From Monday to Friday

 a qualified instructor will hold a group water aerobics class in thermal water, which combines the benefits of movement with fun… and helps burn off the calories from the delicacies we tempt you with!



It is a Middle-eastern treatment, a true skin cleansing and purification ritual, which at the same time relaxes the mind.

The treatment involves the first phase (about 15 minutes) in the Turkish bath, to warm the body and prepare the skin for the subsequent scrub.

You are then accompanied to a specific room for the ritual and are asked to lie down on a heated marble bed; here the operator lathers your skin with black soap, which deeply cleans. After a few minutes the soap is removed with a rough kessa glove, which helps exfoliate dry dead skin.

Then a warm shower to rinse the body.

You then return to the marble bed and receive a brief massage with Argan oil, which is relaxing and moisturizing.

hammam_saponeBlack soap

It is a compact paste, made of black olives and minerals, which exfoliates, purifies, oxygenates and nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. It is also fit for sensitive skin.

hammam_olio_arganArgan oil

Also called “liquid gold” due to how precious it is, it is obtained from the berries of the tree of life, a thousand-year-old tree that grows in Morocco, near the desert. An excellent moisturizer, it protects the skin from the harmful effects of sun rays, is efficacious in treating acne and eczema and helps fight the signs of aging.




The professional methods used by Dermophisiologique place, at the disposal of the professionals, a beauty treatment bordering on medical science. This targets the specific causes of imperfections and guarantees definite and long-lasting results.

The Products

Natural Principals

The synergistic research of Dermophisiologique is born out of the respect and love for nature. It means extracting the purest active vegetal principles (all of certified EEC origin) and obtaining them through extraction procedures monitored at every stage, so as to keep the properties of the active substances, which have originated naturally, unchanged.

Sensory Research

Every Dermophisiologique product is studied in order to make the treatment a sensory experience for holistic wellbeing, as well as a sensuous and aromatic blend that is pleasing and welcoming to the skin. The texture of the micro-emulsions is soft, light and comfortable: they filter through quickly without leaving any trace of greasiness. The fresh, natural and hypoallergenic fragrances create a unique synergy with the skin, releasing exclusive aromatic elements.

Scientific Nature Guarantee:

All Dermophisiologique products are:

• Dermatologically tested

• Free from mineral oils and derived from petroleum

• Free from synthetic colouring

• Paraben free cosmetics

• Free from airborne allergens

• Not tested on animals

• Provided with certification of proved effectiveness by the University of Pavia

• Entirely made in Italy

The D4S® Method

The application of medical science in cosmetology has allowed the D4S® Method to emerge. It’s a procedure based on the physiological phases of imperfections, in line with a highly customised and functional approach.

1. CHECK UP: The first phase aims at identifying the imperfection and the client’s knowledge of their own skin, in order to make the treatment much more customised, and thus, as effective as possible.

2. PROGRAMME: The Dermophisiologique Programme guarantees visible results in just the first phases of treatment. This is because they act on the causes and physiologic stages of the imperfections, maximising the effectiveness and duration of the results.

3. TREATMENT: This stage of the treatment involves the synthesis and application of the exclusive Dermophisiologique method. After careful consideration of the subject and the imperfection (no standard kit), the treatment is customised, based on: its effectiveness; an intensive action due to the special creation and high concentration of active ingredients; and to the professionalism of the Dermophisiologique experts.

4. SELF-TREATMENT: Self-treatment at home should be a daily action, which even though not demanding, is decisive in the attainment of results.


Thermal 5 Colours

A range of cosmeceuticals from Terme Euganee, it is the combination of a thousand-year-old thermal tradition with the most advanced scientific research.

Five products of natural extract, from the unique Mud found at source at Terme Euganee, and made even more precious by the typical flavours of the Euganean Hills Natural Park.

New treatments available in our thermal area

White – Microscrub

White – Microscrub
Colour: white
Fragrance: myrrh
Effect: detoxifying
Active principle: siliceous shells
Promotes cellular exchange, leaving the skin with a soft, velvety feel. A gentle scrub for fresh glow and radiance.


SPA-en montegrotto terme

Yellow – Body Slim

Colour: yellow
Fragrance: fig
Effect: anti-water retention
Active principle: patented thermal algae ETS08, Unique in the Euganean Hills Thermal Basin.
The association of a high concentration of thermal algae ETS08 with specific active substances promotes lipolysis while improving cellular metabolism efficiency and drainage.


SPA-en montegrotto terme

Green – Body Tonic

Colour: green
Fragrance: coriander
Effect: muscle relaxation for busy people
Active principle: patented thermal algae ETS05, Unique in the Euganean Hills Thermal Basin. High toning and invigorating power combined with a soothing, and decongesting effect gives the body fresh energy.


SPA-en montegrotto terme

Red – Anti-age Protection

Colour: magenta
Fragrance: grapes
Effect: anti-age protection
Active principle: polyphenols from Euganean Hills grape marc.
This biological wine liquefaction rich in polyphenols defends the skin against external aggression in general, and the oxidative stress responsible for cellular ageing in particular.


SPA-en montegrotto terme

Blue – Anti-age Intensive

Colour: blue
Fragrance: Neroli’s essential oil
Effect: sive anti-age treatment for mature skin
Active principle: ted thermal algae ETS03, Unique in the Euganean Hills Thermal Basin. This anti-age treatment effectively contrasts cellular tretch marks, stimulating cutaneous renewal and the natural production of skin support fibre.


SPA-en montegrotto terme

The Clay

Clay is one of the first natural substances ever manipulated by Man, and is as old as the Euganean Hills themselves, the perfect setting for this millenary fable. Micronized clay is the common denominator, the original component of the active principles of the 5 coloured lotions consisting of distinctively shaped crystalline grids containing minerals (like chlorite, kaolinite, montmorillonite, limestone, mica, silica, etc.) as the ideal catalyst of the uniquely natural and beneficial properties of Thermal5Colours.

SPA-en montegrotto terme
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