Thermal waters

Thermal waters

Abano Terme’s thermal water is bromidic-iodic-salt water that springs extraordinarily hot, at about 87° C (189° F). It is rich in mineral salts which make it especially efficient in trauma rehabilitation or to heal articulation problems. Moreover, the heat of the thermal water facilitates the reactivation of the lymphatic and venous circulation, playing a role in the prevention and cure of cellulite.

Thermal water is most significantly used in the maturation process to which the mud undergoes: for about a year the mud lies in specific basins in direct contact with water and sun and thus, it develops peculiar micro-algae. These micro-algae give it the therapeutic efficacy that has earned this mud the European Trade Mark as a pharmaceutical product.

The legend of Aponus

Remains dating back to the 8th century BC reveal in the area of the Euganean Thermae the presence of a lake, which the locals believed to be of divine origin because of its spontaneous springs of sulphurous boiling water. Here they performed cult rites, offers to the gods and immersions to receive benefits and health.

The initial divinization of this water changed into the cult of Aponus, god protector of the springs, from where the modern name of Abano Terme has come. Starting from 49 BC, when Patavium and neighbouring lands – including the Euganean Thermae – became municipium, there was a high bourgeois class of Romanized Patavins who gave great importance to the thermae. They helped the establishment of public baths and thermal plants, following the model of the high class Romans. The ancient lake sanctuary changed into a rich and complex thermal resort, where you could go to invigorate body and mind.


The thermal mud

THERMAL WATER AND MUD, the perfect natural treatment

Why mud is good for you

Mud bath therapy is a natural kind of treatment, and at least 6 consecutive daily sessions are recommended, once or twice a year.

Mature mud contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that are released when it is applied to the body. The heat produced by the mud causes vasodilatation, relaxes muscles and stimulates the production of cortisol and endorphins, which help increase pain tolerance.

 The short-term effects of a mud therapy cycle are analgesic and muscle relaxing, which lead to improving joint flexibility.

The long-term effects of the therapy are evident in the prevention of pain worsening and in slowing down the degenerative evolution of ostheoarthritis.

The thermal mud is used in the prevention and slowing down of pathologies related to articulations or associated with traumas, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, aches, and muscular contractures.

At the Roma Terme Hotel the thermal division is in the hands of professionals under medical supervision, to grant you all the wellbeing you deserve.

Mud bath therapy

Mud bath therapy:

4 steps for your health

A mud bath therapy session lasts about 40 minutes, plus an additional massage if desired.

In your own private room the operator has you lie on a bed and applies the thermal mud to your body, strictly following the indications of temperature, application time, possible areas to not be treated, according to instructions from the doctor who examined you before hand. The operator then covers you to decrease heat dispersion.

After 15-20 minutes, the operator removes the mud from your body and rinses you off in a warm thermal shower. You are then immersed in a tub of thermal water at a temperature of 36/38°C for about 10 minutes. This thermal bath, rich in ozone, completes the muscle relaxation phase and stimulates biochemical reactions in the organism, thanks to the specific composition of the water.

Once out of the water, it is time to put on a bathrobe and lie down in the relaxation area, beside the pool or on a bed in your room, for the brief reaction phase. During this time the body releases the warmth absorbed during the mud therapy and thermal bath and continues the stimulation induced by the therapy.

Finally, a body massage helps to improve circulation, mobilizes joints and tissues and favors the elimination of metabolic waste.



Hydrokinesitherapy in our thermal pools is particularly indicated for post-trauma and pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation, as well as for the treatment of joint problems such as osteoarthritis, arthritis, muscular pain and vertebral pain.

In other words, it is the best therapy for anyone who has difficulty moving and feels pain.

Immersing yourself in a thermal pool, thanks to the specific chemical composition of the water and its temperature, permits gently and gradually recovering muscular use; with great benefits and little effort the first steps in recovering movement can be made, before moving on to more intense forms of activity, up to using the water as an element of resistance to strengthen muscles.

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